Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Dr. Frederick Nsambu Kijjambu

The Faculty of Business and Management Sciences(FBMS) formally Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) was established in March 2013. FBMS mandate is to serve as a centre of excellence in business management and professional development in Uganda and the region. Some of our students come from neighboring countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and South Sudan.
FBMS seeks to meet Uganda’s needs, as a gateway institution both within the East African region and globally. It will serve as a hub for local and global talent, business research, business-university partnerships, global leadership, local entrepreneurship and innovation.

The distinctiveness of FBMS is its focus on meeting the management needs of local and public and private organizations within the dynamic global economy. Building on MUST’s core commitment to training, research and outreach programs, the Faculty of Business & Management Sciences at MUST is and strives to be a complete global management hub, educating the world as well as innovating for the world through training and research.

The FBMS’s core themes center on interdisciplinary clusters in management, globalization, innovation, agribusiness, food security and entrepreneurship, with focus on specific sectors and issues salient for Africa in particular. The focus of the institute aligns with emerging trends, MUST interests and priorities for growth.

To provide quality and relevant management science education at National and International level and its applicability to Sustainable Community Development.


  • To offer quality training, knowledge and  skills transfer in Management Sciences in line with the labour needs of the country
  • To establish a centre for Professional, high quality research and innovations in management sciences
  • To enhance knowledge transfer partnerships between the university, community and industry.
  • To create an environment that nurtures  confidence among the institute graduates through career guidance and internship programs
  • To offer tailor-made management training courses to private and public institutions/organizations.


Category Duration Study time
Bachelor of Business Administration Undergraduate Programmes 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance Undergraduate Programmes 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Science in Economics Undergraduate Programmes 3 Years Fulltime
Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management Undergraduate Programmes 3 Years Fulltime
Master of Business Administration Postgraduate Programmes 2 Years Fulltime
PhD in Business Administration (taught) Postgraduate Programmes 3 Years Fulltime


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Telephone: +256 772965660

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