International Students

My Degree is My Other Pride …The Best Decision I Have Ever Made Is To Join MUST, What Is Yours?

Dr.Daniel E Kimaro Mmed Dermatology.

I have chosen MUST because of her supportive and encouraging learning and practicing system.

 This nurtures me into a competent and confident doctor able to provide services to any community around the world

Olusoji Ajayi Celement PhD Pharmacognosy.

I was awarded a PHARMBIOTRAC fellowship to pursue a doctorate degree.  MUST has one of the best centres of exellence in East and Central Africa , with the best facilites to factor the production of standard drug development from natural sources. This motivated me to join this great University.

Nasra Mohamed Ahmed Mmed Dermatology.

I chose Mbarara University because I liked the approach the University takes in the Dermatology programme.  Even within the same programme in other Universities, MUST uses a slightly different and unique approach in its curriculum

Mohamed Mukhtar Mmed Internal Medicine.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology is one of the top universities in East Africa. I was born in Somalia and I completed my high school and undergraduate studies in Mogadishu. It was/is super important to have a master’s degree from a highly recognized University at International level. Being here is so valuable and prestigious.

Mercy Kobusingye MBChB.

After doing my research I found out that MUST is one of the best universities that produce medically competent personnel. The university provides  the hands-on means to practice what I am studying. MUST also has a clear platform of informing of students. I also found out that people at MUST and Mbarara in general are very welcoming  and it was a home away from home. My research was proved right when I came to MUST

Hussein Iman Mmed Surgery.

I was driven by the zeal to receive  a holistic education with an opptunity to better my skills in the field of Medicine specifically Surgery. MUST lecturers have a diverse background which gives  me a chance to get diverse Knowlegde and skills. I Believe MUST is an asset in today’s dynamic world. The University is a home away from home, with good facilities and  a good social network. While here, MUST has  surpassed my expectations.

Lina Sara Mathew Alonga PhD

What inspired me to join MUST was its unique research entity in the area of herbal medicine and drugs discovery. It is know everywhere that MUST is a  highly ranked University in Uganda and East Africa.  I like asociating with the best!! It has always been my dream to become a great scientist. I have come  to notice that at MUST through PHARMBIOTRAC I can succeed with my dream

Grace Mbabazi MBChB III

As an international medical student, MUST was my best choice. I found out it had one of the best medical schools that was affordable in East Africa, with a cozy environment and security conscious. More so, the university neighbours Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, which is accessible and provides opportunity to practice every medical skill that we have learnt in theory. This enriches our understanding of every practical bit in the medical field.

Dr. Zamaladi Annemarie Mmed Ophthalmology.

MUST is the No 1 Science and Technology University in East Africa.  I simply opted for the best of the best. It goes without mention that the people have a warm spirit that is so receptive and accommodative of everyone. Right from the Vice Chancellor, Prof Celestino Obua, the lecturers and administrators. Their receptive attitude drew me to  this great University

Dr. Uwase Sadah Mmed Dermatology.

I chose MUST because it was the only East African University  offering MMed in dermatology at the time. Besides Uganda is my neighbouring country with best education system recoganised at international level.

Dr. Raheel Kanji Mmed Ophthalmology.

WHY I CHOSE MUST: I chose Mbarara university of Science and Technology (MUST) for my postgraduate studies not only because of it is international recognition and strong research background but also due to its cultural diversity and its affordability for  all students

Dr. Bwika Mwanahamisi Mmed Internal Medicine.

 I was inspired by MUST Alumni Doctors working in Kenya.  They had/have an envible character of being passionate at what they do. Their hands-on skills left me in admiration of what they do. I did not need any other inspiration to find the root of their passion, thus  my coming to MUST for my Mmed to get the same training

Dr. Mvuyo Maqhawe Sikhondze MMed- General Surgery.

My passion has always been to be a surgeon. I am Eswatini-born, where currently there few medical specialists, of which none is a general surgeon practising in the country. My passion and inspiration was strengthened by surgeons from Uganda, one of them being a MUST pioneer alumni in surgery. I worked closely with him in Eswatini and he was/is my good mentor who gave me the inspiration to pursue my passion further. This gave me an impression that MUST models you to be the best you can.

Dr Shani Deodatus, Mmed Dermatology.

I chose to pursue  my master of medicine in dermatology at MUST because it is among the best universities in East and Central Africa that trains competent & best skilled dermatologists. In my training at MUST I  have appreciated the good teaching environment, clinical skills exposure & the best experienced lecturers who willingly guide us.

Dadai Mahat Abdi Mmed Internal Medicine.

After carrying out extensive research about universities, I found out that MUST has a good track record of achievements and a good supportive  system for all students. More to this, I found out that MUST has a good study enviroment,  coupled with a good administration system. Its so evident that the VC, HODs and lecturers  have a great contribution towards this. They are ready to serve you in your capacity as a student. The other factor was the programme content which is so enriching

International Students