Students Guild

The Student’s Guild

Student leaders create a platform and provide an opportunity for the students’ leaders to engage university management to addressing any issues that may arise thus harmonized management. These also represent the student issues at the University Council, Senate and top management

These come to power through elections of fellow registered students. This is   after a two weeks of campaign period. Positions range from Guild representation (GRC) at faculty class and residential level Guild speaker and the deputy then the Guild president

Ammenities & Services

Fundraising & Giving Back

Student societies associations organize events on a regular basis to give back to the community or those in need these can be in- terms of money or services. The common financial fundraises range from Medication of fellow students, buying of hospital supplies for camps, buy food staff for the helpless, painting of zebra crossings, village Schools outreach support income generating projects in rural areas, cleaning of markets and water sources.

Transportation & Getting Around Campus

The Town campus centrally located along major transport hubs for easy access for people using public transport such as the min—buses, town service Shuttles and boda-bodas. The same is at the main campus but not as frequent as the ones at the town campus. The university provides four Z routes to the main camps. A shuttle for University staff is available.

WiFi & Internet Access

MUST is equipped with free Wi-Fi to enable staff and students to always be connected to their work and study resources and each other. A Wi-Fi service is also available to our guests. To access the Wi-Fi the is available for your system computering services Unit.

Maps & Navigation

Our two campuses are all accessibly located. To get around campus, you can find where you need to be by using available Map provided to you.

“The Department of Security Services endeavors to ensure a safe and secure campus environment and surrounding areas for staff, students and visitors to the various campuses. While appropriate measures are in place to ensure this at all time. The University has Police post for emergency crimes that may arise. The Uganda Police force is 200 m away from the town campus these have patrolling services within and around the university areas. We encourage our student to report all grievances through their leaders or directly to the Dean of student’s office help desk. MUST Has a 24/7 available emergency line handled by The Head of Security ”
Mr. Muhereza John Innocent

Contact the Senior Security Officer on 07762851933/0701040011 or email on