Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance

Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance


The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance program is aimed preparing students for a career as an accountant or fiancé specialist in the dynamic, changing realities of today’s business environment. It is designed as a specialist degree to help prepare professionals and graduates to take advantage of the expanding range of career opportunities in financial management, accounting & finance.

The BSc. Accounting and Finance Degree Program is particularly appropriate for students planning to enter the accountancy profession and obtain a professional qualification after graduation. Students will develop their critical and analytical abilities which will enable them to achieve competence in accounting and related skills. In addition to the accountancy profession, the BSc. Accounting and Finance also provides an excellent foundation if one plans to follow a career in commerce, industry or financial services such as banking, fund management or insurance.

Recent corporate scandals across the world have drawn attention to the importance of accountancy and finance. The degree Program is designed to meet the demands of the 21st Century, but which still teach the underlying skills, will make it an exciting time to be studying accounting and finance at MUST.

The Accounting and Finance Program will provide an academically rigorous study of the principal accounting and finance disciplines. It also has a strong vocational orientation and upon completion of a BSc. (Hons) Accounting & Finance degree Program, a student will be suitably proficient in accounting practices with the opportunity to progress to the professional level e.g. ACPAU, ACCA or CIMA.

Career options

While the Accounting and Finance Degree Program provides a platform for a career in accounting and finance, it also serves as a basis for a career in general management, banking, financial services and consultancy (for which a solid grounding in accounting and finance is increasingly recognized as desirable). Graduates wishing to become professional accountants can ‘fast-track’ the completion of the relevant professional qualification.

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