URA Tax debate

On 2nd October 2019, MUST was privileged to Host a Team from URA that held a debate with the students community under  the theme ” Uganda’s Tax System: The Remedy to Uganda’s Public financing Problem”

The students formed a taxation Association. Members will enjoy privileges like internship at URA, Training opportunities, become URA Ambassadors,and also create a link between URA and MUST, These can invite them to MUST when need of training arises.
The Cooperate Affairs Manager URA, Mr. Robert Wamala  said it’s from debates like this that URA gets feedback from their clients in whatever form it helps them adjust accordingly.
He further added that new ideas are also yielded from such, he pointed out the OTT tax was an idea from a debate held at UCU  and it has really brought in a lot of revenue. He urged the MUST students to come up with other platforms to widen the tax base . He said URA has never achieved their set targets of revenue, and it’s from our revenue that social services are given in the country. He said,” the tax you pay today while in Mbarara  can save someone in Mubende, or Gulu or any other place in the country.”
He concluded by thanking the University administration for the support rendered towards the debate. He pointed out the welcome that the Vice Chancellor’s office  gave them the very first time they visited MUST.
The debate ended  with remarks from the Guild President Mr. Umar Muhumuza who thanked URA team for choosing MUST. Thanked the students for turning up despite the busy schedule on going.
He fully supported the association Formulation and pledged full support from the Guild Office.