To all our Leap Babies across the Globe

Leap Birthday celebration at MUST

Happiest Birthday to you, our own cheers to you all. In celebration, let us gather around, because today is a day unlike any other! It’s a day to celebrate the incredible individuals who, by the twist of fate (or perhaps the calendar), share this extra special birthday.

While others mark their birthdays annually, theirs arrives like a rare lighting up the sky with its unique brilliance. This day isn’t just about turning another year older; it’s a celebration of your distinct spirit, your ability to embrace the extraordinary, and the remarkable bond you share as fellow “Leap Year babies.”

As the MUST community, let us raise a toast to you! May this Leap Year birthday be filled with laughter, joy, and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime, until we gather again to celebrate four years from now.

Happy Leap Year Birthday!