The Minister’s Speech at the 30th Graduation Ceremony

The Chancellor, Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Honorable Ministers

Members of Parliament

Your Excellencies, Members of the Diplomatic Corp

The Executive Director, NCHE

The Chairman and Members of MUST Council

Vice Chancellors and Representatives of Sister Universities

Deputy Vice Chancellors, MUST

Religious, Civic and Local leaders

Members of MUST Senate

Teaching and non-teaching staff

Parents, Guardians and Sponsors

Graduands and students

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen


I salute you and bring warm greetings from Maama Janet Kataha Museveni, the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, the entire Ministry of Education and Sports.

Today we look back to the days gone by and give thanks to God for having brought us this far. Many have not made it to this day, but we who are here have done so, and to God belongs the glory. We are particularly grateful to God for our students who have completed their academic cycle and will be conferred degrees and awarded diplomas today. I congratulate you all!

In the same spirit, I extend my appreciation to everyone that has had a hand in ensuring that you emerged successful. Special recognition to your parents, guardians and sponsors for the financial support, and your teachers for the mentorship they provided during your academic journey. I thank you all!

Today you join the long list of alumni who have carried the MUST flag at various levels and aspects of life as has been mentioned by previous speakers.

MUST is well known for its success in science, technology, and innovation. As you are soon to graduate, I trust you consciously made the right choice by choosing one of the most prestigious universities in the region. I am particularly glad to note that MUST provides all-round education to students. This has been highlighted in the Ultimate National University Quiz, 2023 during which students from MUST competed with their peers and emerged overall winners of the quiz. I congratulate the students and their coaches for this stellar performance.

As the Ministry and Government, we note the contribution of MUST to this country. It is gratifying to note that graduates from MUST are well sought after by many employers because of the quality of the products, but also that MUST as a training institution continues to impact the community through research, innovation and publication.


I thank Government through the Ministries of Finance Planning and Economic Development, Public Service, Secretariat of Science Technology and Innovation in the Office of the President, ICT and National Guidance, together with my Ministry for the various roles each has played in supporting the Government agenda of promoting Science and Technology where MUST was specifically established to be at the forefront. I wish to thank the young scientists and innovators who continue to come up with innovative solutions to our societal challenges. These will help us as government to have a starting point when designing solutions for our community.

However, as Government, we hear and feel your financial challenges, but I remain optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The economy though not fully up, it is on the right trend to recovery, but we are not yet there. The needs are many and with nearly same priorities but together we can overcome all these challenges. We continue to ask you to be just a little more patient as we allow for full economic recovery.


As Government we continue to encourage academic staff to support Government through writing and winning grants for research and other capacity building opportunities.

I am reliably informed that the University continues to win grants whose research outcomes are being translated in the communities, improving productivity and health of the communities. This could not have been achieved without working with partners and collaborators who stand to see MUST fulfil her vision and mission.


As Government we are aware of the contribution the MUST gives to our communities especially throw school practices, the community attachment/twinning projects leading to value addition and improved products from the community. I have also been informed of the various medical and surgical camps these include the neurosurgery, Urogynecology, urology, ophthalmology and ENT camps, where free treatment is given to our people who would otherwise not been able to receive such care. Government is grateful for these services, and it confirms that it was a worthwhile experiment to establish a university of Science and Technology in a rural setup.


In line with UOTIA act, a Vice Chancellor serves for one term renewable only once. I am aware that Professor Obua is serving his last term which expires October this year. I am also aware, as was mentioned by the Chairperson of Council, that the University Council has embarked on the search for the next VC. Therefore, I would like to congratulate and commend Prof Obua for having served the university in the last ten years as the VC of MUST.


From the moment you assumed the reins of leadership in 2014, as Vice Chancellor, your commitment to excellence has been evident. You fostered a culture of research and innovation, propelling MUST to the forefront of scientific exploration and discovery.

Under your leadership, MUST witnessed a significant growth in infrastructure at this Kihumuro Campus, and rise in both the quantity and quality of university products including research outputs. You instilled a spirit of inquiry in faculty and students alike, nurturing a generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers who are equipped to address the challenges of our time.

Furthermore, your impact extends far beyond research. You championed accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that MUST welcomed students from all walks of life, broadening the internationalization agenda of the university with more and more full-time international students, let alone occasional ones. You embraced the transformative power of education and strived to make it available to all who sought it. This dedication has undoubtedly shaped the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to reach their full potential epitomized by the increasing number of post graduate students, especially at PhD level.

While I am aware that your time to relinquish leadership at MUST is soon approaching, I know that your journey continues within the education sector. We are confident that, as the chairman Uganda National Examination Board, you will continue to make significant contributions to the Uganda education sector and beyond.

Therefore, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Sports, and Government, I extend our deepest gratitude for your exceptional service. Thank you for your service.

Dear Graduands my advice to you is that, you don’t just celebrate completion; you celebrate the potential you hold within. I stand before you, not just as Minister of Education and Sport, but as someone who sees in you the architects of our future. The world you step into is one of immense possibility.

Remember, your education is not a finite journey; it’s a lifelong pursuit, spiced by the spirit of patriotism, to make Uganda a better place for those yet to come. The world is your classroom, offering experiences that will refine your skills and broaden your horizons. Embrace curiosity, challenge assumptions, and seek out knowledge with an open mind. When called to serve, do so with diligence, with empathy for those less fortunate, and with love those around you, keeping God as your guide in all you do.

Succeed we MUST,


For God and my Country!