The Special Edition Vol 13

Dear readers, I am pleased to bring you this special edition about MUST and Harvard Medical School joining hands to support patients  with optical challenges. This initiative, focused on enhancing eye care in our region, embodies the very essence of MUST’s vision: to be a “centre of Academic and Professional Excellence in Science and Technology.”

It further underscores our unwavering commitment to the University’s mandate of promoting quality education that serves
national development. The collaboration brought a distinguished team of ophthalmologists from Harvard, whose expertise focused on critical areas like oculoplastic
surgery, retina, corneal transplant, orbit, and lacrimal disorders.

Their presence not only provided much-needed surgical care to patients in these specialized fields, but also served as an invaluable mentorship opportunity for our residents. Witnessing the Harvard team’s approach and techniques firsthand will undoubtedly elevate the skills and knowledge of our future ophthalmologists.

We were deeply touched by the stories of patients who received life-changing care we will share the experiences of patients and residents, Together, through partnerships like this one, we can truly impact lives. We can illuminate not just the physical world through improved vision, but also the future of healthcare in our region.

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Compiled by

Angella Nakato Muyingo
Public Relations officer
Office of the Vice Chancellor