Message from the Vice Chancellor

Message From The VC

Welcome and thank you for choosing MUST where success is not an option. Coming to MUST is one of the best decisions you could have made. At MUST we focus on helping our students graduate on time. In our training one becomes an all-rounder in the skills attained, this I find a stronghold in the competitive world today. Our Staff are vigilant about helping you shine in your field of choice. These have gone ahead and scheduled times for consultation shared different platforms of communication for extra workload.

I take pride in the systems of administration in MUST. These have an open-door policy, inclusive and engaging. We encourage our students to speak out on matters that may compromise their success, these can be individual or as a group. An accommodative environment for PWDs is our priority, we encourage gender mainstreaming in the entire University. You are encouraged to read the MUST HIV//AIDs policy which clearly points out the preventive measures and how to live better, and above all encourage discipline among the student’s community. We strongly condemn strikes that is why our communication systems are 24/7.

Academic Success is key but who says you should not have fun. While at MUST, we encourage you to engage in the academic extramural activities, join associations and clubs. Engage in give back to the community activities like the annual cancer color run, rotary activities among others.

From inception 30 years ago, MUST adopted a multidisciplinary and community-oriented approach to training through Community Based Education, Research and Services, students twinning program, internships and industrial placements, all of which are aimed at producing fit-for-purpose graduates that understand community challenges.

The University Anthem

♪♪ Mbarara University succeed we must with God’s will, we shall make the best of MUST Let us unite and cooperate, to build the nation in different sectors Our PRIDE and EGO, MUST will shine forever, and we’ll be victors my alma mater, long live X2 Mbarara university ultimum viva

MUST we hail and salute thee. The frontier of true knowledge For through advancing novelty Your excellence will ever grow.

Cradle of efficient teachers, Doctors, Scientists, and future leaders Hope of the generation unborn MUST you are our country’s pride.

With God’s help Mbarara will shine as the bright star among the others to light the way for the future generation to follow the light yonder ♪♪