Say NO to Urogynecology Disorders in NGH.

A MUST/MRRH team lead by Dr. Musa Kayondo (PhD) carried out a 5 day medical camp in Nakaseke General Hospital (NGH) to address urogynecology challenges in Nakaseke District and Surrounding areas.

Dr. Rodgers Kaijabwangu
L-R: Dr. Brenda, Dr. Rodgers Kaijabwangu and Dr. Kayondo Musa in theater.

The team comprised of Dr.  Musa Kayondo, Head of the team and HoD Obstetrics and Gynecology, urogynecology fellows; Dr. Rodgers Kaijabwangu and Dr. Brenda Aniomugisha, Obstetrics and Gynecology: Dr. Saturday Pascal and Dr. Atupele Subira Mlanngwa (who are both residents), Anesthesia: Dr. Racheal Alum Aguma and Dr.Amina Abdille, Physiotherapy department was represented by Mr. Amon Nuwahereza.   The team was also supported two theater nurses i.e Sr. Paula Birungi and Sr. Agnes Tumukunde and Sr. Lillian Tusingwire the ward in charge.

Dr. Rachel Ayum, Anesthesiologist

The other members in the team included Mr. Maurice Muhire the coordinator of the entire team and Ms. Christine Mukiza in charge of communication.

According to Dr. Musa Kayondo, the team handled 25 cases of urogynecology disorders (Genitourinary fistula, prolapse and perineal tears).

After the camp, the participating patients had this to say;

Jenifer: People with fistula challenges that have not turned up have really missed out We had everything paid for such as meals, medication and transport refund for our caretakes and us the patients. I cannot thank the team enough. To me they are my second saviors after Jesus.   If other opportunities come, please consider NGH again.  I know many women have missed out due to misconceptions about surgeries in general. I too feared but my husband encouraged me in fact the doctor can tell you my BP short up twice when I was being wheeled to theater.  I cannot believe that the problem I have had for 18 years has been solved in the last 4 days I have been here!!!! You people are my heroes.    

Mr. Maurice Muhiire over roll coordinator of the camp.

No hospital could identify my problem I went to many hospitals. In the long run I got a mental break down.   I was started on treatment for “mad people” treated for psychosis.

When asked about the publicity of the camp, one of the participants had this to say;

Maria: The publicity was good, they used the Radio and mobile van advert, The turn up was not as big as I expected because some women feared the surgery while others had transport challenges. For more publicity, I think they can use churches, mosques even at gatherings like Local meetings and funerals

When asked about her medical condition, Maria responded like;

I am 52 years old, I have had the surgery in Mulago twice but with no difference. I decided to give it a try with another team. You cannot believe it that the surgery I had two days ago, I feel much better, it’s just general body weakness but my problem was solved. I have a huge difference already.   What can I say to show my appreciation? You are God sent for me?

Sr. Agnes Tumukunda, theater nurse

Dr. Musa thanked the teams that participated in both medical camps that were focusing on urogynecology challenges. “The teams in Lira Regional Referral Hospital and Nakaseke General Hospital, thank you for standing the tide, your time especially away from your loved ones cannot be taken for granted, thank you all.” Dr. Musa. appreciates.

In vain, he thanked the sponsors through Prof. Verena Geissbhler (st Claraspital, Switzerland) and support from the Else Kroner foundation in Germany. These catered for all the expenses of both the medical team and the patients. Said Dr. Kayondo Musa.