Regional Communications Infrastructural Program (RCIP) launched, MUST commended for prioritizing health innovations.

On July 21, 2022, a delegation from the National Information Technology Authority (NITA) visited Mbarara University of Science and Technology to check on the achievements the institution has registered since it was connected National Backbone Infrastructure. NITA was also launching the Regional Communications Infrastructural Program (RCIP) at an event which was held at Igongo Culture Centre.

NITA-U team visiting SIM4Life

NITA is currently supporting MUST and CAMTech with free internet connection of 100 MBPs to support students and staff innovation activities, online learning and general administration and research work. The two institutions collaborating in designing solutions and offering practical medical sessions needed in the treatment of specialized conditions at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital and other Health Facilities.

Dr. Data Santorino, commended NITA-U for connecting CamTech to National Backbone Infrrastructure that has enabled them to develop high impact health innovations addressing community challenges.  It is through such support that MUST and CamTech now house a teaching facility (Simulation center/ Sim4Life) which equips health practitioners with hands on experience on handling several health conditions before transitioning to live patients. A total of 6 universities in East and Central Africa have benefited from simulation centre and these include; Muni, Lira, Busitema, MUST, Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania and one University in Nigeria.

“Innovations need speed Internet which is quite costly for innovation centers like CamTech. However, NITA-U support has made life easier for institutions like CamTech and MUST” noted, Dr. Data

Hon. Margrate Ayebare Bwebyambu during the launch

The delegation also included Hon. Margrate Ayebare Bwebyambu the Woman MP for Mbarara district who also toured CAMTech exhibition stalls. Hon. Ayebare commended NITA-U for supporting Institutions like MUST with internet connections in order to promote scientific learning and research works.

Hon. Ayebare pledged to report the innovations done at MUST through CamTech to Parliamentary Health Committee for more Government support and creating of an enabling environment for commercialization and uptake.

 ‘’I congratulate NITA for playing a critical role in prioritizing the rollout of critical ICT infrastructure such as National Backbone Infrastructure, the Government Data Centre and the Transmission sites in Uganda which has permitted Government to deliver online and digital based services such as financial services, revenue collection, virtual learning platforms among others. We are happy that NITA Uganda through the World Bank prioritized Ankole sub region to extend IT services to offer a smooth running of government entities to deliver public services while saving on the costs that would have been spent,’’ Noted, Hon. Ayebare.

The Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (RCIP) – Uganda Project is funded with funds from the World Bank and IDA in the amount of US$ 75 million equivalents. Uganda is the eighth country in Africa to benefit from this program which attempts to alleviate the connectivity issues in the area.

NITA Uganda through Regional Communications and Information Technology Authority has extended total of 37 free public internet polls in the Ankole sub region to enable the public and Government entities such as MUST, Mbarara CPS, UBC west, Mbarara District Local Government, Mbarara City Council Authority, Empower Youth in Technology (EYIT), CamTech Uganda and among others.

About Camtech and Sim4Life

A global network of academic, clinical, and business partners, Consortium for Affordable Medical Technologies (CAMTech) is striving to hasten the development of high-quality, reasonably priced medical technology to solve problems with health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Housed at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), CAMTech seeks to foster and develop an innovative culture using a multidisciplinary strategy. Through its innovation eco-system, CAMTech has demonstrated its value to the MUST community over time and has also helped other organizations in Uganda and sister academic institutions embrace innovation.

Sim4Life is a healthcare simulation space at Mbarara University designed to provide immersive learning experiences for learners and industry professionals and all this success is due to fully connectivity to the National Backbone under the RCIP-World bank Funding.