Promoting Energy Education: Energy4me Conference at MUST

In a groundbreaking event at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), the inaugural Energy4Me Conference took center stage on November 24, 2023, at the Main Campus. 

Some of the attendees at the conference

This momentous gathering brought together 235 participants, including key figures from various sectors, fostering dialogue on energy sustainability.

The prestigious event saw prominent personalities like Ronnie Katungi, CEO of Barrel Magazine, and representatives from the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum—Ronnia Tukamuhebwa and Arthur Natukunda. Additionally, Gilbert Mugyenyi and Bruce Namara from the Petroleum Authority of Uganda, Anita Ankunda from the Uganda National Oil Company, and Sankara Byaruhanga from Kreative Campus and Innovation Village added their expertise to the diverse lineup.

L-R Ronnie Katungi,Ronnia Tukamuhebwa,Gilbert Mugyenyi,Bruce Namara,Arthur Natukunda

Organized in collaboration with the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, UCOBS, Vlirous, Uganda National Oil Company, Centenary Bank, Petroleum Authority of Uganda, Kreative Campus, and Innovation Village, the conference aimed to explore innovative approaches to sustainable energy practices.

The event was officially inaugurated by Dr. Johnes Obongoloch, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FAST) at MUST. 

Dr. Obongoloch expressed gratitude to both organizers and attendees, emphasizing the importance of clean energy adoption in daily lives to preserve our natural resources, particularly trees.

Throughout the conference, various speakers delved into critical discussions surrounding energy solutions, highlighting the significance of collaborative efforts in advancing sustainable practices. The engaging sessions provided a platform for knowledge exchange and strategic partnerships among participants.

As the echoes of insightful discussions reverberated across the campus, the Energy4Me Conference marked a pivotal moment in MUST’s commitment to addressing energy challenges and shaping a more sustainable future.