Mbarara University of Science and Technology Digital Writing

Maternal Newborn and Child Health Institute (MNCHI) in collaboration with the University of Calgary recently worked with Mr. Michael Lang ( and launched Digital Storytelling (DST). In this technological age, storytelling has begun to change from oral and written, to digital formats. Since time immemorial, educating, empowering, teaching, warning and wisdom have been passed on from generation to generation through story telling.

Digital stories are short movies which use images, videos, a voiceover, and various video editing techniques, to share an important story from the participant’s life. Digital stories can be used as knowledge translation tools for education and advocacy, as data to be analyzed in research process or as a therapeutic intervention depending on the intent of the user. DST involves finding the story, telling the story, crafting the story and sharing the story while using images and video to capture and expand the narration and employ music and other sound effects to reinforce ideas. A methodology of Digital Storytelling involves words, camera, music and action.

Our very own; Dr. Neema Murembe, Ms. Barbra Naggayi, Dr. Manasseh Tumuhimbise and Mr. William Wasswa are among the first cohort to be trained as Digital Storytelling facilitators at MUST. They developed stories that can be accessed from;

The opportunity to utilize DST brings enormous benefits to MUST and the wider community, it eases the provision of marketing tools for different activities and programmes undertaken, to be shared with the public in a more interesting forum. DST also avails qualitative researchers the platform to better understand their contexts, craft and pass on educative messages to different users.


It’s great to listen to a good story, why not tell it yourself? Engage MNCHI and learn techniques of DST. Never underestimate the power of your story!