MUST Researchers Receive Recognition for Research Publications

The 29th graduation ceremony of MUST presented an opportunity to celebrate the academic excellence and outstanding achievements of some of the faculty staff members with the highest number of research publications. During the ceremony, the Chairman of the University Council, Dr. Warren Naamara took time to recognize and award the outstanding faculty staff members for producing the highest number of research publications.

Dr. Godfrey Zari Rukundo was awarded for producing 112 publications, followed by Dr. Ngonzi Joseph with 96 publications. Likewise, Dr. Edgar Mulogo and Dr. Joel Bazira were also recognized with 88 and 83 publications respectively, while Prof Robert Bitariho and Assoc. Prof. Grace Kagoro had 65 and 54 publications respectively.

Furthermore, Dr. Bajunirwe Francis was recognized as the most outstanding researcher of all time at MUST and was awarded for producing 124 publications. Dr. Francis is currently at Harvard, supervising and making sure that the academic publications meet the required stringent standards.

At the same ceremony, Dr. Warren Namara further recognized Prof. Kamukama Nixon and Dr. Medard Twinamasiko for leading a team of innovators behind the development of the iSOFT organic fertilizer that is formed using animal manure.

Apart from  the researchers, Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo was recognized as the outstanding convocation mobilizer for central region.

Congratulations to our outstanding researchers!!