MUST hosts inaugural Research Mentors and Supervisors Workshop.

MUST hosts inaugural mentors/supervisors workshop.
Some of the attendees of the workshop.

On November 15, 2023, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) proudly hosted its first-ever Research Mentors and Supervisors Workshop, organized in collaboration with MGH Global Health Collaborative. The event aimed to enhance the mentorship and supervisory skills of faculty members.

The workshop commenced with Assoc. Prof. Vicent Batwala delivering a warm welcome and highlighting the crucial role of supervisors in post-graduate programs. He emphasized shared responsibility in the success of students.

Distinguished speakers included Prof. Jessica Haberer, who delved into the distinctions between supervision and mentoring, stressing their unique contributions to academic growth.

Assoc. Prof. Joel Bazira outlined the workshop’s objectives and emphasized the importance of specialization for effective mentorship. Prof. Nixon Kamukama, the DVC Academic Affairs, officially inaugurated the event, advising mentors to engage in regular publications to inspire their students.

Dr. Stephen Asiimwe, Director at Global Health Collaborative and a seasoned mentor, shed light on challenges faced by junior researchers, urging students to prioritize essential goals and enhance interpersonal relationships with their supervisors.

Dr. Stephen Asiimwe, Director at Global Health Collaborative delivering his session.

Dr. Martha Kyoshaba, Academic Registrar, discussed post-graduate student assessment and monitoring, emphasizing the need for thorough documentation in examination processes.

Dr. Sudi Balimuttajjo explored the realm of E-Supervision, acknowledging its convenience while advocating for technological diversity and improved data security.

Assoc. Prof. Charles Tushabomwe Kazooba led a session on supervision in multidisciplinary teams, emphasizing teamwork as a key aspect of success in academia.

Assoc. Prof. Edgar Mulogo provided insights into the institutional policy for student supervision at MbararaUST, focusing on framework, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

Dr. Rukundo Adones discussed E-Supervision, calling for technology diversity and improved data security to enhance the convenience of the process.

Dr. Godfrey Zari Rukundo addressed institutional infrastructure and support, highlighting the need for aligned goals between supervisors and supervisees for successful supervision.

Assoc. Prof. Gertrude Kiwanuka emphasized research integrity, urging supervisors to combat plagiarism and encourage ethical publishing.

Prof. Jessica Haberer, in another session, explored equity in research mentorship,underlining it’s importance and the potential pitfalls of bias.

The workshop stands as a monumental achievement,cultivatinya culture of effective mentorship and supervision at MUST.