MUST Guild President elected 33rd President of UNSA

The Guild President H.E Bill Clinton Nasasira has been elected 33rd Uganda National Students Association  (UNSA)  president.  The elections that were held on January 29th 2023 attracted contestants from four universities.

UNSA (Uganda National Students’ Association) is a National umbrella students’ organization for students in post-primary institutions in Uganda and Ugandan students studying outside Uganda in both government-aided and private institutions.

UNSA was formed on December 16, 1988, at Makerere University after students’ conference attended by student delegates from all over the Country.

The Association was dully registered under the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) statute on the 13 days of August 1993 but thereafter ceased the NGO status in 2008 when the Education Act recognized schools to be administered by the UNSA Constitution – Section 30.


At every school/institution level, there is a students’/guild council comprising of various representatives democratically elected with  a patron/Dean of students as an overseer.

Five (5) student leaders to the District Students Council (DSC) represent each school council, which elects a District Executive Committee (DEC). There is a Coordinator at every district level and the District Education Officers are patrons at that level.

Universities and other tertiary institutions are not part of the District Students Council, but send three (3) representatives (at least one being female) direct to the National Students Council (NSC) where districts also send 3 representatives (at least one being female).

The District Coordinators, National Secretariat Staff, members of the Board of Trustees and the Alumni representatives are ex-officio members of the NSC, which is the supreme organ of UNSA. The NSC elects the National Executive Committee (NEC) to oversee the running of the affairs of UNSA on its behalf.

Although the National Students Council (NSC) is the supreme organ of UNSA, each of the structures is semi-autonomous and has powers in all matters within their jurisdictions. They however, report to the upper structures and seek their approval on issues outside their mandate.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) and the National Secretariat, operate under the sanction of NSC who approve the budgets, programs plus all other transactions, except for the powers delegated to Executive Committee and other organs of UNSA.


Congratulations to H.E Bill Clinton Nasasira

Succeed We Must.