MUST Alumni on a Mission: Strengthening Uganda’s Healthcare Sector

These outstanding MUST alumni are completing intensive one-year master’s degrees at prestigious British universities. Awarded prestigious UK government scholarships (Commonwealth and Chevening), they recently attended a farewell event at Alexandra Palace in London to prepare them for their return home and post-study life.

Left to right:  MUST alumni Dr. Okirror David (Class of 2020), Namboko Gerald (Class of 2022), Dr, Niwandinda Faith (Class of 2019), Dr. Ochola Henry (Class of 2020)

Dr. Okirror David, a Commonwealth scholar, is pursuing a Master of Public Health at Bangor University in Wales. He aims to utilize his skills to design public health interventions that prevent diseases and promote good health, particularly among women.




Namboko Gerald, a Chevening scholar, has completed an MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of South Wales. His passion lies in quality control of pharmaceutical products, and he aspires to apply his skills in formulating high-quality medicinal products in Uganda.



Dr. Niwandinda Faith, a Commonwealth scholar, has undertaken an MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy at the University of Birmingham, England. She plans to leverage her expertise in evaluating the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions, a critical skill for resource management in Uganda’s healthcare system.




Dr. Ochola Henry, a Chevening scholar, has completed an MSc in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, England. Dedicated to improving maternal and newborn health, he aspires to design, conduct, and interpret clinical research to understand the causes, distribution, and prevention of diseases, particularly among women and children.



“We remain deeply grateful to the UK government for their investment in these vital sectors by facilitating access to higher education at world-class universities” said Dr. Ochola

These returning professionals are poised to play pivotal roles in advancing Uganda’s healthcare sector and beyond.