MUST Alumni honored with Medals of Honor from H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Labour Day Celebrations

It‘s an exciting day for MUST! Two of our own have been honored with medals of honor from H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during the Labour Day Celebrations. Let’s take a moment to recognize and congratulate our Alumni for this outstanding achievement. We are so proud of their hard work and dedication! Their success is a testament to all of the students and faculty who have been a part of MUST journey.

These include;

  1. Dr. Alenyo Annet Ngabirano
Dr. Alenyo Annet receiving her medal

Dr. Alenyo is the President of African Federation for Emergency Medicine  (AFEM). She is a practicing Emergency Physician, whose career has taken her from Medical School in Uganda to working in public and private facilities, training as an Emergency Physician in South Africa’s Public system.

2.  ACP. Dr. Kitayimbwa Peter


ACP. DR. KITAYIMBWA PETER is the SENIOR SUPERINTENDENT of Uganda Police Force. He is among the 529 Senior Police Officers that were promoted by the President Yoweri Kaguta from the rank of Inspector of Police (IP) to Assistant Inspector General of Police  (AIGP).

3 .ACP. Dr. Banabas Rubanza

ACP. Dr. Banabas Rubanza, the first one from the left.

ACP. Dr. Rubanza is based in the Mbale district under the directorate of police medical services.

He was honored for the rescue mission during the flooding in Mbale and for excellent postmortems medico-legal reports which have caused a lot of convictions more than 20000 in a period of 20 years without challenging them.


Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!