Mbarara University Council Members’ Retreat ahead of 88th Council meeting.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology held Council Members retreat at Ankole Resort and Spa in Ntungamo facilitated by the Institute of Cooperate Governance of Uganda (ICGU). According to the University Secretary and Secretary to Council Mr. Melchior Byaruhanga, the retreat was organized out side the University to get members focused, allow more in- person face time, re- energize the team before the 88th Council meeting.


The chairperson Council, Dr. Warren Naamara pointed out that the retreat was a great idea that gave members an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. He added that business must be done differently. “The test of the pudding is in the eating” said Warren. He added that Performance evaluation and strategic planning which council members had been trained on ought to reflect better work after one year. Warren also added that the bonding in the retreat must be periodic and crucial for “esprit decorops”


The Vice Chancellor Prof. Celestino Obua said the retreat was timely for council members as it gave them an opportunity to bond and this should be extended to all staff members. “I learnt a lot from the consultants” said Prof. Obua.

Mr. Chris Muyingo, Dr. Grace Ndyareeba and Mr. Joseph Matovu, the consultants at ICUG, gave insights on Governance, Responsibility and Sustainability for Management which are key aspects to driving any organization to achieve it’s set goals. They also emphasized the foundation of Corporate Governance and meeting expectations. According Dr. Grace, cooperate organizations like Mbarara University of Science and Technology should emphasize Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Responsibility and Ethical Leadership as its pillars for Corporate Governance.

The consultants also emphasized the roles, functions, and responsibilities of the University council. According to Mr. Matovu, Mbarara University of Science and Technology Council need to overcome Vision, People, Management and Resource barriers in order to execute growth strategies.

Watch Council Members team building activities here: Council Members Team Building Activities.

Council Members pose for a group photo ahead of the retreat.