HAY Project for MNCHI @ MUST

Healthy Adolescents and Young People (HAY!) works to improve adolescent and young people health in southwest Uganda through comprehensive and inclusive sexual and reproductive health and (SRHR) programming. By supporting capacity building at district, health facility and community levels, HAY! aims to strengthen SRHR services and promote dignified care for young people.


HAY! activities will be implemented in 2 ½ districts, with a catchment totaling 652,650 people; 227,745 of whom are 10-24 years old. They include human resource planning, relevant commodity management, referral systems strengthening, District Health Team (DHT) mentorship, and technical assistance and training at 58 health facilities.

HAY! focuses on district and national health priorities for young people aged 10 to 24 years:

  • Contraception/family planning (FP)
  • Gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Puberty and menstrual hygiene
  • Post abortion care (PAC)
  • Risk-taking behavior

The project builds on the best practices of the successful MamaToto (2012-2015) maternal and child health initiative and the SOPETAR (Scan-Orient-Plan-Equip-Train-Act-Reflect) process model. The approach will be adapted to SRHR and reach both male and female adolescents and youth, especially the most vulnerable and those out-of-school. Activities will address both ‘service’ side and ‘demand’ side gaps to young people health and wellness.