Fistula camp at MUST

Fistula camp at MUST

The Department of Obsetrics and Gynecology led by Dr. Musa Kayondo in collaboration with Medland from Fransisco USA are holding a fistula camp that started yesterday 2nd March to 6th March 2020.
The team led by Dr. Tom Margolis holds medical camps in Asia and Africa and they have been partnering with MUST for 10 years. For every camp, they work on 55 to 60 patients.

Obstetric fistula is a medical condition that results from obstructed labour with no medical attention which leads women to have uterine rupture and post-partum bleeding among other effects. Obstetric fistula is mostly preventable when the right C-section is conducted.

To identify the patients, a call is sent to the communities. Each patient is then given transport, surgery and meals for two weeks. Fistula is common among teenage mothers because of their immature pelvises and also among mothers who use traditional birth attendants.
Dr. Kayondo advised that to help curb this traumatising medical condition that usually leads to discrimination and depression of the affected, women should go for antenatal care, have timely referrals and keep children in school to limit early pregnancies.
The Department also trains MUST postgraduate students of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Fistula and Urogynecological surgery and offers a Fellowship in Fistula and Urogynecology. They currently have 2 fellows under training.

Thanks to the team members who help restore women’s health and enable them get a chance to live normal fulfilling lives.
Succeed we MUST!

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