29th MUST Congregation Celebrates Graduation of 1323 Students, Honors Posthumous Awardee

May 27, 2023, was a joyous day at Mbarara University of Science and Technology as the university saw the graduation of 1323 students (838 males and 485 females). At the ceremony, one student graduated posthumously. It was inspiring to see the graduates and their families gathered together to celebrate the prestigious moment that marked the culmination of their studies.

Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Ntazinda, The Bishop of Kibungo Diocese Rwanda

The opening prayer was led by Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Ntazinda, the Bishop of Kibungo Diocese Rwanda and Hon. Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education in the Ugandan Cabinet, graced the ceremony as guest of honor and thanked the university staff and students for their hard work under challenging conditions as mentioned by the Vice Chancellor and Chairman Council in their remarks. He also assured graduates that their degrees were authentically awarded and that they were valid. “Don’t be scared of the ongoing media talks about fake degrees, it is soon going to be sorted and we shall let you know through the right channels.”

Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo the State Minister for Higher Education in the Ugandan Cabinet

The chancellor, Professor Mark Lwanga Olweny, congratulated the graduates and wished them all the best. He also urged them to strive to be like the alumni who have made it in their chosen fields, particularly those who have achieved success in leadership roles. He reminded everyone that even though they had earned their degrees, the best was yet to come.

The Chairman Council Dr. Warren Naamara presented to the chief guest top researchers of the university and Dr. Bajunirwe Francis was recognized as the MUST’s all time Top Researcher. This was as a result of the academic audit. “I wish to let you know that in order to understand the productivity of our academic staff, the Council directed all academic staff to undertake a self-academic audit”. The Academic Audit showed telling findings, especially indicating that while research/innovation activities at MUST appear to be on the upward, more needs to be done considering that Govt had provided funds to staff for research and innovations.

The Chairman Council. Dr. Warren Naamara

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Celestino Obua expressed gratitude to the parents and guardians for their commitment and to the MUST staff for their dedicated service. He also congratulated the students and praised them for the hard work they had put in to reach such a day. The Vice-Chancellor also clarifed the ongoing media concern of expired programs at MUST.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Celestino Obua

Dr. Miiro Emmanuel the valedictorian thanked the University administration, lecturers, and fellow students for making it to the 29th graduation ceremony “We applaud our alma mater, for providing avenues for collaborative innovation among students from different disciplines such as the Hepi-Tuitah Research Training and CAMTech Hackathons among others.”

Dr. Miiro Emmanuel, the valedictorian

SUMMARY of the number of students who graduated at the 29th graduation ceremony

Male Female Total
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBR) 70 18 88
Bachelor of Pharmacy (PHA) 29 17 46
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BNS) 13 14 27
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BNC) – Completion 16 29 45
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) 34 17 51
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (MLC & MMLC) – Completion 51 17 68
Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHS) 24 10 34
Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (BSP) 15 13 28
 Advanced Diploma in Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH) 3 2 5
Total 255 137 392
Bachelor of Science with Education (BS) 121 23 144
Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology (DLT) 14 11 25
Total 135 34 169
Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) 20 2 22
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) 42 16 58
Total 62 18 80
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance (BAF) 52 45 97
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 35 38 73
Bachelor of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (BPSM) 44 68 112
Bachelor of of Science in Economics (ECO) 10 5 15
Total 141 156 297
Bchelor of Science in Planning and Community Development (BPCD) 14 14 28
Bachelor of Science in Gender and Applied Women Health (BGWH) 2 14 16
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Livelihood and Farm Production (BSAL) 13 8 21
 Total 29 36 65
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BCE) 10 3 13
Bachelor of Biomedical  Engineering (BME) 28 16 44
Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Management  Engineering (PEM) 24 7 31
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) 36 10 46
 Total 98 36 134
Total Undergraduates 720 417 1137
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 17 9 26
Master of Medicine (Mmed) 37 12 49
Master of Science (MMSC) 7 4 11
Master of Public Health (MPH) 1 5 6
Master of Medical Laboratory Science (MMLS) 5 2 7
Master of Nursing Science (MNS) 0 2 2
Master of Pharmacy in Clinical Pharmacy(MPCP) 1 1 2
Master of Education (Med) 8 6 14
Master of Science (Msc) 19 7 26
Master of Arts (MAS) 2 1 3
Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) 7 4 11
Master of Science in Health Information Technology (MHIT) 2 0 2
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems (PGD-IS) 2 1 3
Master of Business Administration (MBA) 10 14 24
Total Postgraduates 118 68 186
GRAND TOTAL 838 485 1323

Watch the full ceremony via the link below;