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A first-of-its-kind online workspace for researchers and students is now available through MUST Library and Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) at

Kiox began with the idea that researchers and students should have instant access to the most up to date resources available.  Less time waiting for web pages to load or drudging through millions of resources to find that one article, and more time discovering,  discussing, creating, sharing, and applying new knowledge.

It covers all the journals, articles, e-books,and database links previously accessed through Research for Life (HINARI,AGORA,and OARE), all databases paid for through INASP/Peri arrangements and open access resources for the academic community. The link can be found here

The features are very easy to use; e.g. you can carry out simple search and advanced search and get full-text articles. You can also browse to see if what you are looking for is available, after which you can save your hits in your collection. However, you will need to go through a simple registration process to create a folder for your collection.

Kiox is an evolving resource that will continue to improve based on user feedback, new applications, and new technology. I therefore urge you all to take advantage of this useful tool to ease your research and also encourage colleagues and students to make use of the tool.

Please feel free to contact me, Wilson Adriko, at MUST Library, e-mail / or on mobile 0782605969 for additional information, suggestions, experience sharing, and or assistance.

Additional electronic resources:
A complete listing of all electronic resources available at MUST can be found here.
For websites that are password-protected, please enquire at the library for the password.