Dean of Student’s Office

The Administration – Dean of Students

The department of Dean of Students is located at the right hand side as you enter from the university main gate, the first block.

The department is headed by the Dean of Students, assisted by the Warden, Sports Tutor and Administrative Assistants.

The Dean of Students handles services rendered to students in three main areas: University Halls of Residence, where in conjunction with the Warden ensures that appropriate accommodation facilities and good catering services are provided to students; sports, the Department in liaison with the Sports Tutor organizes competitions and sports activities for students; Counseling and Guidance, the Department in liaison with the Counselor organizes counseling sessions to both students and staff; HIV/ AIDS policy- the Department in liaison with the Administrative Assistant provides services in relation to HIV/AIDS policy to both students and staff members. The Dean of Students also gives oversight to the Students’ Guild as the Students’ governing body. The elections of the Guild President, Guild Representative Council (GRC) and the SCR leadership are organised by the Dean of Students’ Office and the Graduation Grounds are the voting center.


To offer outstanding, efficient services and provide a conducive learning environment.


To develop programmes and provide services which support and promote student centered education


  • To promote the integration of intellectual and personal growth
  • To promote institutional decision making which is sensitive to students needs
  • To assess the needs and characteristics of students in order to have a pro-active remedial system.
  • To pursue operational excellence by providing high quality services which are effective and relevant to the students and community needs.

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