Research Uptake

drussalogo-whiteThe world over, universities continue to churn out interesting research findings, an activity that eclipses one of the core roles of any university. However, it shall always be asked whether this research output actually incorporated for use in society or if it influences public policy at all.

It is from this that Research uptake can be defined as the processes by which the knowledge which is generated through research finds its way to those who need it —be they practitioners, end-users, policymakers in government and other agencies.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology has over a period of 5 years been involved in the Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa (DRUSSA) alongside 23 other African universities towards strengthening processes and systems to manage Research uptake.

The university is building capacity in providing cost-effective platforms to ensure the meaning uptake of its research uptake.

This section of the website is dedicated towards efforts at promoting all viable strategies to ensure Research Uptake.