Research Projects

Research is essential to the development of any forward thinking University and MUST believes that without major research initiatives, it cannot achieve its goal to become a major Academic institution within the region.

Vice Chancellor’s remarks on research

My first responsibility, i believe is stewardship of the University’s value describing what the University stands for, and why it is an important institution that is to be cherished. We are an institution of public and national importance. This is largely because we store knowledge. We must accept scrutiny and criticism as the world, which has become a global village, runs on knowledge.

Development rides on the crest of the wave of innovation research. We can not rely on the knowledge of the past to propel us forward along the road map of development. We have come to accept that productive human activities, better living standards and sustainable exploitation of natural resources amongst others all depend on our abilities to find new knowledge. Good research will yield results which will stand the test of time.