Research Ethics Committee

In response to the increasing human subjects' research being conducted in Uganda, The Mbarara University of Science and Technology – Research Ethics Committee (MUST - REC) was formed and works according to internal rules that are described in written Standard Operating Procedures.
It was formed in 2002 and registered on February11, 2011, both in Uganda and the USA and is fully accredited and certified by the Uganda National Council of Science and Technology (UNCST). It is internationally recognized and registered by the Federal Wide Assurance (FWA). It supports both national and international research protocols.

Purpose and Scope
The main purpose of the MUST-REC is to review the science and ethics of both national and international proposals/protocols submitted to the Committee, while safeguarding the rights, safety and welfare of the research participants involved. The MUST- REC has the authority to modify the research proposals/protocols, approve, suspend or terminate any studies, which are found to violate the ethical guidelines and the status of the REC approval, and to oversee the approved studies thereafter. It is also the duty of this Committee to provide confidential, independent, competent reviews and approvals. In all its activities, it is mandatory that the Committee keeps the UNCST posted on all the REC decisions - a requirement which MUST REC has followed since its inauguration.

Requirement for submission for initial review
Evidence of payment of review fee
MUST REC informed consent form
Protocol Summary Sheet or Memorandum
Signed Protocol and Protocol-Related Documents   
Information for subjects  
Case report forms (CRF) 
Study budget
Updated timeframe 
Investigator’s brochure
Letter from the Supervisors (in case of students)
MUST REC form for storage of Biological Materials (where
They are all submitted in twelve (12) copies to the MUST REC Office which is located at Mbarara University Campus, Faculty of Science building. Proposals submitted by 15th of every month are reviewed at the end of that month.

Charge Structure
Local student researches that lead to an award, are reviewed free of charge. Other researches are charged as follows:

Regular Researchers

Expedited reviews                                400USD or its equivalent

Standard reviews                                 300USD or its equivalent

Extensions                                          50USD or 180,000/=

Major amendments                               50USD or 180,000/=

The review fee is paid to the University and a receipt of payment presented to the MUST REC secretariat on submission of the protocol to be reviewed.

The following are the account Numbers of MUST REC.
A/C Name: MUST Institutional Ethics Review Committee
Account Numbers: 8702808043100 (Dollar account) swift code SCBLUGKA
Local Account:  0102808043100
Branch: Standard Chartered Bank Mbarara Branch

The committee is composed of 11 members’ inclusive community representatives. It has two administrative staff and a Committee secretary.