GEMx Call for Applications for Medical Students

GEMx Call for Applications for Medical Students

Call for Applications to Undertake Electives

Regional Network Partnerships with Global Educational Exchange in Medicine and the Health Professions (GEMx)

Call brief

The International Relations Office in conjunction with Faculty of Medicine-Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) is availing yet another opportunity to two medical students to participate in the African regional exchange program and partnership in Africa-GEMx. This follows an award given to MUST to institutionally participate in the GEMx Africa regional exchange project. The grant is funded by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar to GEMx regional Africa platform. This grant will support two (2) medical students who are finishing fourth year. They will undertake electives in Ethiopia for hands-on medical experience for 4 weeks between July and August 2018. The participating countries include; Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. The elective studies are designed to grant additional clinical experience and training to qualified students in their disciplines, in accordance with MUST syllabus.

Background to the Call

GEMx is a service provided by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). It aims at facilitating and promoting international exchange opportunities in medical education and the health professions. Through the commitment of GEMx Partners, GEMx strives to make global health educational experiences affordable and accessible to students throughout the world. The program has provided exciting financial grant awards by facilitating student exchanges in Medicine and the health profession regionally. ECFMG is a private, not-for-profit organization with mission to improve world health through excellence in medical education in the context of ECFMG’s core values of collaboration, professionalism and accountability. ECFMG’s mission is realized through its foundation – the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research - FAIMER®.  Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar shares the same vision and mission of improving health through global health opportunities afforded to students whose institutions participate in GEMx. Not all students can afford to go on elective exchanges because of the cost of travel, lodging, food, school-based fees and other incidentals that students incur in order to participate. An endowment funded by ECFMG is now available for students through the GEMx Student Financial Grants program.

Criteria for Student’s Selection

  1. Forth year medical student
  2. Student who shows great interest in undertaking an elective
  3. Student with outstanding qualities to illustrate medical professionalism in their motivation letter and clinical placement.
  4. The candidate agrees to abide by MUST regulations, provide GEMx MUST chapter with a publishable placement report on regional exchanges and its impact on the faculty, the network and the community.
  5. Exchange student through the network must agree to discuss their experiences with GEMx via video or essay for the GEMx blog.
  6. Must have a valid passport

Download Application Form

Completed applications and motivation letters should be addressed to the GEMx Program Manager, International Relations Office - Office of the Vice Chancellor, MUST P.O Box 1410, Mbarara. All applications should be filled in the provided template and submitted online to by 24th May 2018.

For more inquiries, contact the Deputy Dean on; 0703818336 or IRO on; 0782 595 511

More information on the program can be got from:

Students who can ably fund their electives are also welcome to apply. Self-funding is open to finalists too. Specify this in your application