During Your Stay

During your stay

Attaining Student Passes (more relevant for students staying more than three months)

  • All international Students Need a Student pass for their stay at the university.
  • One needs a MUST student Identification card, Passport bio data page scan, a Passport photo, copy of your admission letter and university recommendation letter from the International Relations Office (IRO).
  • An institution code is required from the IRO
  • Upload the documents on your application page
  • Await a reply on your personal email.
  • If deferred respond to the queries raised.
  • If accepted travel to Kampala, Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Note: East African students [Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya] are attended to from 3pm to 5pm
  • Non-East Africans pay $100 US Dollars; preferably pay from Mbarara because of the proximity of the banks to your place of stay.
  • How to pay: print out the acceptance letter from your email. Take it to the bank (Stanbic / Barclays. At the Ministry the time for working on Non East-Africans is 8am to 3pm
  • Make sure to carry your bank slips with you.
  • While at the ministry you first go to the finance office to verify your payment. After verification go to passport control office, and follow through the process.

For more details please refer to https://visas.immigration.go.ug/#/help/student_pass

Ministry of Internal Affairs basic contacts:

P.O. Box 7165 / 7191
Kampala, UGANDA
Email: info@mia.go.ug

TELEPHONE: General Line +256 414258355
Fax: +256 414 231063

Preparatory courses

English lessons

Better to undertake english proficiency course before the start of your programme. Proof of certificate of this course is vital.

For those on short stays and who already have basic knowledge, english lessons are offered within campus by a visiting lecturer at a cost by the student.

Runyankole lessons

The local language in western Uganda where MUST is Runyankole. Anyone interested in learning Runyankole can get a teacher at the cost of the student.

Orientation of Students

Regular international students are encouraged to attend the orientation week of freshers at the beginning of every academic year.

Those that are not able to are offered orientation by the IRO.

Occasional international students are given orientation at the beginning of their stay.

The Annual International dinner

Through the international Relations Office, MUST hosts an annual dinner for its international students and visitors. This activity aims at orienting new students and visitors into MUST community with cordial interactions.

Having trouble with settling in?

Student life does not always do well with some students especially when away from your home country. Some students may have feelings of home sickness or isolation from time to time.

The most important thing is for you not to curl up and stay quiet about this; however, you may reach out for ways in which you may be more involved during your stay.

This may be through University Guild office, the university student clubs/ associations, Volunteering and the Sports union, aerobics sessions every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Other ways to cope in the university and adjusting to the student life could be seeking for counseling services from the University counselor.

Read Smart & Hard

Now that you are a registered student in MUST, and comfortable with the community, always remember the key reason for your stay which is to excel in your academics.

The MUST motto “Succeed We MUST” still applies to you during your stay.

In case of any difficulties in your field of study refer to the Dean of students, Counsellors office , your respective faculties, departments when you need help.

The Dean of Students Office

The International Relations Office works closely with the Dean of Students office for student welfare.

This office is there to keep you comfortable during your stay.

Issues regarding your place of accommodation, welfare and security are all received at the Dean of Students’ office desk.