Jul 24 2019

3rd OHCEA International One Health Conference

  • 8:00 AM

The 3rd OHCEA International One Health Conference scheduled for July 2019 in Kampala, Uganda, offers a unique opportunity to participants to share their expertise, experiences and possible solutions to global health security through the One Health approach. The theme for the 3rd OHCEA International One Health Conference is “Harnessing One Health for Global Health Security”. This theme addresses three different but related domains namely:

1.Ground-breaking OH innovations and proof of concept in different areas
2.Innovations for partnership and collaboration and sharing experiences on working together with different partners and stakeholders under a OH approach.
3.Sustainability and institutionalization of One Health best practices.

The conference provides a platform to share what has worked, what hasn’t worked, best practices, challenges, lessons learned, the key players and leaders, and roles of different stakeholders such as governments, private sectors, development partners and communities. Several actors, including academia, researchers, students, private sector, governments, civil society and networks, are welcome to share their experiences.

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