Towards ICT awareness in police and security forces

Mbarara University of Science & Technology under the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) is privileged to bring close computing technology to the Police and security forces of the country. Stemming from its mission “To Provide quality trainingand promote research in applied and multi-disciplinary computing and Technology with a focus on community development”, the Institute of Computer Science has taken a step to train and equip the Ugandan Police and UPDF (in Mbarara Municipality-Western Uganda) with IT skills that can enable themuse computing technology with ease.

Previous ICT Awareness Programs and Research Projects Done

In 2009, 13th July – 21st August, the Institute embarked on its first Police ICT training workshop that was held at Mbarara University of Scienceand Technology. As the Institute of Computer Science,we delight in this training because it yielded into our expectations of ICT awareness and community development. Currently, the Police men and women of Mbarara Municipality Police Stationare happily equipped with ICT skills.

In 2011, 14th November – 23rd December, the Institute of Computer Science organized a UPDF ICT training workshop which also aimed at equipping the Uganda People’sDefense Force (UPDF) of Mbarara Municipality with ICT skills. It is the joyof the Institute of Computer Science and Mbarara University at large testifying that most members of the UPDFcan now easily use computing resources.

From August 2011 – May 2012, the Institute of Computer Science (through student’s projects)carried out an ICT based research for the Police traffic department. The student project titled “Design and Implementation of a Mobile-BasedPolice Road Traffic Crime Handling System” brought awareness to the Traffic officersthat it was possible to monitor,handle and report traffic crimes instantly at the road side simply through a mobile phone. Deployment plans are under way beingdiscussed such that this system can be used.

Way Forward/On-going Police ICT community projects

The Institute of Computer Science is looking forward to training more members of police and UPDFin the whole of western Uganda to equip them all with ICT skills. Now that the country is currently in a security awareness state, the Institute of Computer Science is also organizing to conduct more trainings mainly focusing on computer/information security awareness, crime science, CCTV camera deployment and the usage of sophisticated ICT security equipment tocab criminals and terrorists.

Currently, the Institute of Computer Science under the Software Incubation and Innovations Department (SIID) is working on the Prisons Management Information System, for Mbarara Municipality Prisons. This we hope willbe a great achievement for the Prisons Sector having their operations digitized, information secured and easy to access.

Implementing/Deploying the “Road Traffic Crime Handling System”: The Institute of Computer Science is also in negotiations with the top Police officials to have the system reviewed and later implemented/deployed.