MUST-WIST Activities

Networking and Mentoring

  •  Organize mentoring and training/technical workshops for Members
  •  Access to Career guidance and getting motivational speakers to give key note address at group gatherings (monthly)
  •  Online Platforms / Blogs and support groups.
  •  Outreach activities including Communication and Publicity Strategies (Radio Talk Shows, News articles).
  •  Linkage to Local and International STEM Professional Bodies including ACM, UIPE, IEEE, IMechE to ensure that members get accredited with them.

Capacity building in Leadership and Management skills

  •  Organize Training and Coaching Programs for Members
  •  Helping Mentors and Mentees developed professional and personal mission statements and action plans.
  •  Training in the following thematic areas:
  1.         Academic/professional/career growth;
  2.         Management Areas including (Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Finance Management, Project Management)
  3.         Social development and health care (balancing family and work responsibilities);
  4.         Entrepreneurship development;
  5.        Succession planning

Fellowships, Grant writing and internships

  •  Assist MUST Women Academicians and younger women scholars to secure funding to pursue masters and doctoral degrees in STEM
  •  Assist MUST Women Academicians and younger women scholars to secure funding for Doctoral dissertation research.
  •  Assist MUST Women Academicians and younger women scholars to secure funding to conduct their research.
  •  Collaborate with partner institutions in Uganda And the Diaspora To secure grants for MUST Women academicians and younger women scholars to spend

 Knowledge Generation and Sharing

  •  Provide grants to members to present papers at Conference
  •  Collaborate with partner institutions and organizations to provide support for leading women academicians at MUST to visit and give lectures in other, Universities and schools around the country to encourage women academicians especially in STEM.
  •  Link MUST Women Academicians with other scholars in their fields who may serve as mentors
  •  Assist MUST Women Academicians to publish their work in international scholarly journals.
  •  Assist MUST Women Academicians and younger women scholars to secure internships at private and government companies and institutions in line with their professions as well as selected think tanks and international organizations.
  • Work with partner institutions to secure grants for MUST Women Academicians and younger women scholars to spend

a) 6-12 Months in an institution abroad working with a mentor on a research project.
b) 3-6 Months conducting research or teaching in a related institution within Africa and beyond.
Promotion of Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer in Science Technology

  •   Capacity building in the promotion of Innovation and Technology Transfer

Social Networking Events

  •  Charity Activities – Cancer Runs
  •  Book Clubs – Women empowerment books – Biographies and CDs with key messages for women.
  •  Health and Wellness Programs– Empowering women through health and fitness – For bonding – could be a once in a month group exercise – power strengthening exercise.  – Strengthening work life balance, promotes a feeling good sense Health Nutrition tips and lessons – share whenever the group meets as well as online long term solutions.