The MUST-Bughoye Community Health Collaboration


Bughoye Sub-County, located in Kasese District, Western Uganda, is comprised of 35 villages, spanning a rural, hoghland area of approximately 55 Km2. Most villages to the west of the sub-county are characterized by deep river valleys and steep hillsides with elevations up to 2,000 metres. In contrast, villages located to the east are defined by low-lying, level terrain. The climate of Bughoye permits year-round malaria transmission marked by semi-annual transmission peaks typically following the end of the rainy seasons in May and December.

The MUST-Bughoye Community Health Collaboration is involved in a number of initiatives which include;

The Integrated Community Case Management Initiative (ICCM)

The MUST-FREO2 Foundation Siphon Electricity-free Oxygen Concentrator

The MUST UNC Research Collaboration