Progress report

Progress Made

1.Preliminary Designs and Master plan Development
As part of the 4% contribution to the project, MUST just like other beneficiary institutions funded preliminary project preparation including costs of Designs and Master plan development.

2. Construction Works for Laboratories and Library at Kihumuro

The construction works of laboratories for the Faculty of Applied Science & Technology and Library Block have been completed by M/S Excel Construction Company Limited. Laboratory & Technology workshop equipment is awaited.

The Front of the New Library Complex     A View of the Multipurpose Laboratory Block

The construction of of a Students’ Hostel Block at Kihumuro is also underway and the contract was awarded to M/S China Nanjing International Ltd.

3. ICT Enhancement

Under the project, the Kihumuro Campus has been connected to the National Backbone Infrastructure. 2 Blocks at the campus i.e. the Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology and Estates block are now fully connected to cabled and wireless internet through an Optic Fiber Backbone. a 50 desktop computer lab has also been set up at the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology. More ICT equipment is expected to be installed in the new Library and Multipurpose Laboratory Blocks.

Students and Academic staff have also been exposed to and tooled with skills of applying elearning in their teaching and learning processes with specific use of the university’s Learning Management System.

MUST Academic Staff attending eLearning Training Workshop

4. Needy Students’ scholarships

A total of 61 undergraduates and 11 post-graduates were successfully selected for the first batch of scholarships mainly supporting Tuition and Functional Fees. 21 of the undergraduate anf 7 post-graduate awardees have completed their studies.

5. Crosscutting Issues

The project has facilited the following crosscutting activities;

  • Student peer educators’ training on life planning skills, sexuality information and reproductive health and rights
  • Student Focus Group Discussion on HIV/AIDs policy review
  • Development of the the Gender Policy and review of of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Development of Special Needs Policy
  • Installation of Special Needs Signage at Mbarara and Kihumuro Campuses

6. Linkages with the private sector through the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) (Innovation/Incubation Centres)

The university’s Buhoma Gorilla Trekking Camp in Bwindi Imprenetrable Forest Park is being set up. The project is also establishing an Ethno-botanical garden for the university at Bwindi.

A Business clinic, to mentor innovative business concepts at the university, has been set up at the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences.


The Bandas at the Buhoma Gorilla Trekking Camp, Bwindi

7. UMA Internship programme

A number of undergraduate students have received support in internship placement through the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association.