The Counseling and Guidance section helps students who need assistance on guidance about their daily life problems which might disrupt their steady progress in the academic field or prevent them from enjoying their life in general at campus and in life after campus. Such problems embrace the general health (Medical and psychiatric) problems, Socio-Economic, marital, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems as they may occur.

The section is currently housed in the physiology block.

Fresher's week

First Year students (Freshers) are usually given an acclimatization period of one week referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus five days earlier than the Continuing students and during these days they are introduced to the key facilities in the University and other important aspects of life at the University. A programme of activities in the orientation week is always issued out on the day of reporting and is expected to be strictly followed.

The Freshers are also expected to take advantage of the week to survey and acquaint themselves with the general Campus lay out. Another major activity during the Orientation Week is Registration. All Freshers must ensure that they are registered first centrally in the academic registrar’s office and then with each of their respective Faculties /Institute and also the Dean of Students Department.

Fresher’s Week Programme

All Resident Freshers are required to report to their respective Halls of Residence or Private Hostels by 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 18th August, 2012. All freshers should report on Monday 20th August 2012 at 8.00 a.m. at the cyclone Square for the meeting with the University Guild officials.

1.     Monday 13th August 2012: Private Students arrive for registration.

2.     Thursday 16th August 2012: Government Students arrive.

3.     Saturday 18th August 2012:  Continuing Student Arrival

4.     Sunday 19th  August 2012:        ,,                 ,,           ,,

5.     Monday 20th August 2012: Meeting with the Guild officials  (cyclone Square)

6.     Tuesday 21st August 2012:   Meeting  with Police(Security), DPC Mbarara,

7.     Wednesday 22nd August 2012: Meeting  with The University Counselors, University Nurse, HIP, MJAP

8.     Thursday 23rd August 2012: Meeting with Dean of Students Dept.

9.     Friday 24th August 2012:  Meeting  with Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Dept