University Secretary

Mandate and Responsibilities

The Department of the University Secretary is responsible for the University’s overall governance, assurance and legal compliance. The Secretary provides advice and support to the University Council, to the Senate and to the Vice-Chancellor as the University’s Chief Executive Officer.

Key areas of responsibility are:

  • Responsible for the general administration of the university (including the administration of funds and other assets)
  • Secretary to Council and its Committees
  • Accounting Officer of the University
  • Holds custody of the university seal
  • Performance management of the university staff
  • Providing legal advice to the university
  • Procurement, Management and custody of university assets
  • Recruitment, retention and promotion of staff
  • Staff development/ career development (training and skills enhancement)
  • Responsible for the university strategic plans, policies and operating procedures

More detailed information about the work of the Office of the University Secretary can be got by contacting the office on email .  I encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

Mr. Byaruhanga Melchoir
University Secretary
Mr. Behangana Prinari,
Director Human Resource.
Mr. Timothy N. Mugumya,
Legal Officer
Mr. Twesigye Patrick,
Deputy Secretary-Personel
Ms. Robinah Nakakeeto,
Deputy Secretary -Planning
Mr. Beebwa Zadock,
Deputy Secretary - Administration
Mr. Kwatampora Vicent,
Principle Procurement Officer
Madam Namunpa Fridah,
Madam Prossy Ngabirano
Principal Personal Secretary - US