University Council

The University Council is currently headed by Dr. Ben Mbonye and is the supreme organ of the University, responsible for the overall administration• Council ensures due implementation of the objectives and functions of the University is established in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001, and has five committees, namely:

  • Finance and General Purpose Committee
  • Planning and Development Committee
  • Estates and Works Committee
  • Appointments Board
  • Students’ Welfare and Disciplinary Committee

The chairman of the 4th Council, whose term expired on 31st May 2011, Mr James Tumusiime and his council, were very instrumental for stepping up Infrastructure development. The 4th Council will be remembered for their support to start on the development of the main university campus at Kihumuro.

Chairpersons of Council since inception

1st Council chair  Hon. Rebecca Kadaga  1989 –
2nd Council chair Professor Gilbert Bukenya and Professor Peter Mugenyi
3rd Council chair Mr. James Tumusiime
4th Mr. James Tumusiime
5th Dr. Ben Mbonye -Present