The Vice Chancellor

Prof. Celestino Obua- Vice Chancellor- Mbarara University of Science and TechnologyThe Vice Chancellor

Professor Celestino Obua

Prof. Celestino Obua is the Vice Chancellor, Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

He has previously worked as the Deputy Principal, Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS), where he was and is still the co-investigator of the MEPI-MESAU consortium project. During the MEPI-MESAU implementation he was responsible for the implementation of the trans-disciplinary mentored research across the consortium institutions that has supported to students and faculty that realized 13 PhDs and 30 Master of Sciences fellowships currently in various stages of completion. He greatly contributed to the development of the current problem based learning (PBL) curriculum at the MakCHS.

At the college he has spearheaded and built research infrastructure for pharmacokinetic studies which is now supporting 10 MSc and 5 PhD students. He is participating in strengthening adherence to ARVs by developing adherence monitoring tools and interventions through the INRUD-IAA a multi-country collaborative project. Professor Obua has been the Team Leader for Research Task Force in the Needs Assessment Twinning Program Project by Makerere University – Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Celestino Obua MD (Dar), MSc (Mak), PhD (KI-Mak)

P.O. Box 1410 MBARARA, Uganda


Telephone: +256 4854 21623