The Governing Structure of the University.

The Visitor

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda is the Visitor.

The Chancellor

  • The Chancellor is the titular head of the University
    • presides at all graduation ceremonies of the University
    • In the name of the University, confers degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of the University
    • May at any time, on the direction of the Visitor, cause a visitation of the University to be conducted, for the purpose specified in the directive.

The University Council

  • the supreme organ of the University, responsible for the overall administration
    • Council ensures due implementation of the objectives and functions of the University
    • is established in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, 2001, and has five committees, namely:
    – Finance and General Purpose Committee
    – Planning and Development Committee
    – Estates and Works Committee
    – Appointments Board
    – Students’ Welfare and Disciplinary Committee

The Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University
The Vice Chancellor is assisted by 2 Deputy Vice Chancellors

The University Senate

  • Responsible for organization, control and direction of academic matters of the University i.e. in charge of teaching, research and general standards of education and assessment.
    • Senate members are drawn from the academic staff, senior administrative staff, non-academic staff, the public, students and appointees of the Minister of Education and Sports.

Top Management Committee

  • Overseas the day-to-day running of the University.
    • chaired by the Vice Chancellor,
    • Composed of the top administrators of the University, and the Executive Director of the teaching hospital.

Faculty/ Institute  Boards

  • Each faculty / Institute has a board chaired by the Dean or Director in case of the Institute
    • The decisions made at the faculty level, feed into Top Management Committee, Senate and University Council, in that order. In order to sustain and strengthen the link with the teaching hospital