16th Annual Research Dissemination Conference

MUST 16th Annual Research Dissemination Conference Concept Note

THEME: “Transformative Research for development in a changing world”

DATE/VENUE: 21st   May, 2021 Virtual Conference Streaming Live from Kihumuro Campus

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Training (DRGT) is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 16th MUST Annual Research Dissemination Conference (ARDC), to be held on Friday 21nd May, 2021, under the theme: Transformative Research for development in a changing world”. This year’s conference shall be preceded by a one day internal PhD Symposium on 20th May, 2021.

The conference will bring together MUST researchers, collaborators, partners and other stakeholders to share experiences, disseminate their findings as they explore new frontiers towards sustainable and transformative interdisciplinary research and innovations. By sharing the experiences, they continue to find new ways on how communities can leverage on science and technology outputs. The research oral presentation sessions will include Medicine, Allied Health Sciences, Basic and Applied Sciences, Engineering, Computing, Business Management and Humanities.


  • Transforming Health care access and delivery in a changing world
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives for community well-being
  • Towards scientific validation and commercialisation of traditional herbal medicine
  • Coping with a changing climate and environmental degradation amidst demographic shifts
  • Promoting nutrition and food safety with value addition for sustainable livelihoods
  • Dynamics in social justice, governance and empowerment of local communities
  • Business management and entrepreneurship in “turbulent” times
  • Fostering inclusive and quality education access amidst digital transformation.

Conference objectives

  1. To present the positioning of transformative research and innovation in the changing world
  2. To interrogate research and technological innovation approaches applicable for the new digital era
  3. To explore new frontiers towards multidisciplinary research for sustainable development.

Conference Justification

Tackling today’s global changes and their challenges requires harnessing the results of scientific research through innovative approaches to lifelong learning and sustainable community development. This calls for local community valorization through research, implementation of research outputs and sensitization.

Social innovation is one of the recent concepts that deals with development of solutions to societal problems including inequalities and rights. The recent COVID 19 pandemic and the ensuing challenges and opportunities have led to initiatives aiming at community well-being, quality health care, education, business and environmental management. The health care sector faces forces of rapid digitization, a greater prevalence of chronic diseases, and more informed and connected consumers. Climate change remains a threat to species, management of natural resources, and sustainable food production and safety. The need for quality and inclusive education is essential in fostering lifelong learning and generation of human capital for sustainable development.

In line with the MUST vision: “To be a Centre of Academic and Professional Excellence in Science and Technology”; the conference furthers the strategic positioning of Researchers in promoting community transformation and sustainable development in this changing times.

Conference Expected Outcome

  1. Initiating the process that provides students, faculty and the University the zeal to conduct research and disseminate the outputs
  2. Creating awareness of the existing research opportunities and innovations for the changing times
  • Inspiration to write grants that address societal challenges and needs
  1. Developing a sense of teamwork, collaboration and networks in in research and innovation
  2. Acquisition of targeted soft skills by oral presentation and exposure by faculty and students.

Please download the soft copies for the 5th PhD symposium and 16th Annual Research Dissemination Conference books of abstracts from here.

5th PhD symposium book of abstracts

16th ARDC book of abstracts

For more information, please contact

  1. Professor Amon Agaba, Chairman 16th ARDC, aagaba@must.ac.ug+256 772 095118
  1. Associate Professor Vincent Batwala, Director DRGT vbatwala@must.ac.ug +256 701 118258
  2. Samuel Mwesigwa sam.mwes@must.ac.ug +256 393 224625.