The Political Economy of the Education Sector Policy Reform in Uganda

Pamela K. Mbabazi, PhD; Jacklyn Makaaru Arinaitwe, PhD; Godber Tumushabe

Abstract:The need for an analysis of why policy implementation in Uganda’s Education System has arguably failed is self evident. Much was promised since colonialism which unleashed a plethora of initiatives and much has undoubtedly been achieved. But many challenges still remain, not least, the growing realization that policy, however well founded, must be translated into outcomes. Rhetoric is no substitute for addressing realities that must accompany meaningful education policy reform in Uganda. This paper attempts to provide a detailed analysis of the education reform process in Uganda using a political economy perspective and tries to provide some answers as to why challenges of implementation still remain. The need to build consensus, share ownership, allocate resources, clarify accountability and evaluate progress are some of the necessary pre-requisites that will have to be put in place to ensure effective education policy implementation reform in Uganda.