An Exciting Second International Dinner @ MUST

Cutting the Dinner Cake

By Sheila Niinye

International Relations Officer

There was excitement, array of traditional dancing and vivid smiles on the faces of many who attended the second international dinner on the 15th September 2017. The hosting of the international dinner at MUST has taken route as an annual event that fascinates many nationalities, students and staff of MUST in an attempt to boost an accommodative environment for both international students and faculties. It is also a social platform for a cordial interaction between the international community and MUST staff in an attempt to recognise the existing collaborations and partnerships for increased visibility. The dinner included one hundred and seven international students (sixty nine regular and thirty eight occasional students), MUST Guild, international faculty, partnership leaders and university staff at University Inn. “I am exceedingly excited…I have got an opportunity to see many cultures gather and exhibit their dancing styles…I now love MUST more…” one international student remarked. “I am extremely happy that management has recognised us by hosting a special dinner for us….our home universities will be pleased when they hear about this….” another commented. The dinner was an opportunity to meet and interact with different categories of nationalities and cultures in an attempt to orient new students and faculties at MUST. The guests enjoyed the different traditional dances presented by the international students themselves from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia and Burundi in addition to the traditional entertainment by a Ugandan troupe.

MUST has had a culture of hosting international visitors and has now ushered in an annual dinner to cement the recognition. “MUST currently has regular students from India, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Cameroon, Swaziland, Sierra Leone and Canada while most occasional students are from USA, Canada, Belgium, Sweden and Somalia. MUST is a home away from home for all of you….” (The International Relations Officer said in her welcoming remarks). Referring to the recently conducted orientation, students were recapped to take care of themselves, focus on their academics and learn to major on the majors. They were reminded that welfare and guidance are assured for them to have a better stay. MUST staff were appreciated for their holistic tremendous effort that continues to attract more international students at MUST.

The other speakers at the dinner included; His Excellency Brian Turigye, the Guild President, Ruth Grace, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Relations, Mr. Muhamad Ali Muhamud the Representative of international students, Ms. Maureen Kahima, the University warden, the Academic Registrar, Mrs. Martha Kyoshaba Twinamasiko and Prof. Celestino Obua, the Vice Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor applauded the students and assured them that MUST is ready to support and help them achieve their dreams. He reminded them that it is vital for them to distillate on their studies since this is the main reason they came. He noted that under Pharm-Biotechnology and Traditional Medicine Center (PHARMBIOTRAC) more international students are set to join MUST in the next month. PHARMBIOTRAC is one of the Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence funded by the World Bank.

The Vice Chancellor has been so zealous about increased research collaborations and global partnership. In the recent past he has been at the forefront of having increased collaborations and partnerships at MUST a reality.

The international dinner will keep in the minds of many and will continue to usher in exciting interactive moments between MUST and the international community. Let us wait for next year….!


Happy International Students @ MUST